Animator vs Animation

The animator is the system that decides which animations you will play. They are commonly referred to as animation states or states. A animation can have 2 types of states, a clip or a blend tree, which is a blended group of clips. First, let’s add a clip to our character. This will always be the entry state, or the first state played. Add 2 more animations.

We can connect these states by right clicking and creating a transition between them. Create a circular transition and playback.

If you click on each state, there is data you can adjust individually like the animation, the speed, mirroring it and adding parameters. You will notice your foot seems to slide. There is also a foot IK checkbox. This will keep your feet planted where they need to be in the animation. If you have this checked, you animations will move to the new position. The slide prevents the character from moving from the orientation.

In games, you generally don’t want the Foot IK because it causes your character to drift. In cutscenes though, it’s a good idea to have it on.



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