Create Vertex Color Shader with Shader Graph

Al Heck
2 min readAug 6, 2021

Let’s start by adding a material using our shader graph. Start by creating a material.

I then created a sphere with the material on the sphere. Be sure to set the shader on the material to your color and SAVE your asset in shadergraph.

Next, let’s create the color. Set it as white, drag out the color channel and connect it to your albedo. Because the property is exposed, you can adjust in the material channel the color of your material live.

Now let’s create a vertex color. Right click, choose create node, and add a vertex color. Connect that to the albedo. Then install Polybrush.

With polybrush installed, you can now paint onto your object because your shader has vertex color enabled.

To go between the base color and the vertex color, we can use a lerp node.

You will also need a vector 1 to blend between the two. Set the mode to slider and now you can move between the two.



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