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  • Brantlee Mercer

    Brantlee Mercer

  • Jared Amlin

    Jared Amlin

    I am an artist and musician, that is currently diving headfirst into game development with C# and Unity3D.

  • Cliff Bailey

    Cliff Bailey

    Software Developer w/ADHD learning and doing life.

  • Brian Ratnasinghe

    Brian Ratnasinghe

    Here I am documenting everything I am learning in order to become a successful game developer.

  • FJ Hagen

    FJ Hagen

    Unity Developer learning new things everyday

  • Marcus Cohee

    Marcus Cohee

    I am starting Unity and learning the ropes as I go! Let’s take this journey together!

  • Gert Coppens

    Gert Coppens

    Software Engineer — Unity Game and Application Developer

  • Antonio Delgado

    Antonio Delgado

  • Antonio Delgado

    Antonio Delgado

  • Esther Felicies

    Esther Felicies

    Game Developer sharing content around Unity, programing and tips and tricks in game dev.

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