Passing Values from One Function to Another

Objective: Pass in a custom score value per game object to another object via a function.

Here’s how I made my score system work. What I care about is running my score direct 1–1, so when my enemy dies, I want it to talk to my UI Manager. To start, I have my Enemy connect to the UI Manager.

Next, I created a serialized field for the score value on my enemy.

Keep in mind, it has to be the same value of int. Then, I created a simple function that tells the function on my UI to run. I then made sure I pass the _score value vs simply leaving it empty like this: _UIManager.AddScore();

On the UI Manager, I created a public function called AddScore. Since I sent an int value in the step above, I have to make sure I can catch that variable amount in my UI manager. After declaring the function name, I created an int temp variable and called it points. It will take in the points that I send over from my enemy script. Then I added those points to my _score.

Finally after getting the text component on my UI, I simply update the score value.

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